Squid cooked in its own ink
  • Squid cooked in its own ink
  • Squid cooked in its own ink

Squid cooked in its own ink

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Squid cooked in its own ink 180 gr

3 x 60 gr



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Product Name: Squid in Ink Canned (Calvo Brand, Pack of 3 units)

Brand: Calvo

Product Type: Canned food

Presentation: Pack of 3 units

Net Content per Unit: [Indicate the weight or volume of the net content per can]

Ingredients: Squid (body only or body and tentacles), squid ink, vegetable oil, salt, and spices.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, refrigerate and consume within [indicate the recommended time].

Expiration Date: [Indicate the expiration date or shelf life of the product]

Product Description:

The Calvo brand's Squid in Ink Canned is a delicious option for seafood lovers. The pack of 3 units allows you to enjoy this exquisite dish at any time, whether as an appetizer, part of a main course, or even as a shared tapa.

The product is made with high-quality squid, carefully selected to ensure freshness and authentic flavor. Each can contains tender squid and its own ink, giving it a dark color and a distinctive and flavorful taste.

Calvo's Squid in Ink Canned is perfect for those seeking convenience and practicality in the kitchen, as it can be enjoyed straight from the can or used as an ingredient in various recipes. Furthermore, its long shelf life guarantees freshness and quality until the indicated expiration date.

With the pack of 3 units, you'll have enough squid in ink to share with family and friends or to enjoy on different occasions. Surprise your guests with this traditional Mediterranean dish, featuring the unmistakable flavor of squid and its ink.

Dare to taste Calvo's Squid in Ink Canned and discover a world of seafood flavors in every bite!