Catalan cream licor
  • Catalan cream licor

Catalan cream licor

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Melody, the authentic Catalan cream licor 70 cl



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the authentic Catalan cream licor

The Catalan Cream liqueur is well suited to accompany desserts

or toasts for Christmas dinner in an original way

17° liqueur

Composition, egg, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and caramel

Bottle of 70 cl

Melody Catalan Cream Liqueur is a delicious spirit produced in Catalonia. This liqueur is a perfect blend of natural ingredients, such as cream, sugar, eggs and a touch of vanilla, which gives it its unique and creamy taste.

Melody Catalan Cream Liqueur is available in 70 cl bottles, making it an excellent choice for evenings with friends or family celebrations. The liqueur can be served iced or warm, depending on personal preference, and can be enjoyed on its own or used to make cocktails.

The Melody Catalan Cream Liqueur bottle has an elegant and sophisticated design, making it a perfect choice for gifts and special occasions. The liqueur is produced using traditional methods and is carefully controlled to ensure its unmatched quality and flavor.

In conclusion, Melody Catalan Cream Liqueur is a delicious and refined spirit that is sure to please everyone. With its creamy taste and elegant design, it is a perfect choice for family parties, celebrations and gifts.