Anis del mono seco
  • Anis del mono seco

Dry chinchon anis

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Dry Chincon anis 1 liter



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Aniseed Chinchón Dry

Product Name: Anís Chinchón Dry Aniseed

Product Type: Distilled alcoholic beverage

Brand: Chinchón

Description: Anís Chinchón Seco is a distilled spirit obtained by distilling anise seeds. It is a traditional Spanish drink, recognized for its characteristic flavor and aniseed aroma. The process of elaboration and selection of high quality ingredients guarantees a final product of great quality.


Alcoholic Graduation: Anís Chinchón Seco has an alcoholic graduation of approximately 40% vol. which makes it a drink with a moderate alcohol content.

Aroma and Flavor: It has an intense and characteristic aniseed aroma, with sweet and spicy notes. In the mouth, smoothness and a balance between the sweetness of the aniseed and the alcoholic character are perceived.

Presentation: It is available in glass bottles of different sizes, generally 700 ml and 1 liter, with screw cap or cork, to preserve its quality and flavor.

Origin: Anís Chinchón Seco originates from the town of Chinchón, in the Community of Madrid, Spain. Its elaboration has been passed down from generation to generation, maintaining a centuries-old tradition.

Uses and Recommendations:

Consumption: It is usually enjoyed in a suitable glass, on its own, with ice or mixed in cocktails and mixed drinks. It is common to taste it as an aperitif or as a digestive after meals.

Pairing: Anís Chinchón Seco harmonizes very well with desserts, especially those with a dairy base, such as flan or custard. It can also be combined with nuts or served as an ingredient in the preparation of classic cocktails.