Rice Cream Liquor
  • Rice Cream Liquor

Rice Cream Liquor

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Rice Cream Liquor drink

70 cl / 17% alcool



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Rice Cream Liquor sweet drink

Cream of Rice Liqueur Swan Brand

Product Type: Liqueur

Brand: Swan

Description: Swan Brand Rice Cream Liqueur is a delicious and smooth alcoholic beverage made with the finest ingredients and following a traditional recipe. Its exquisite and unique flavor makes it a perfect choice for those who love creamy and smooth liqueurs.

Main characteristics:

Smooth and creamy flavor: Swan Brand Cream of Rice Liqueur stands out for its smooth and velvety flavor that perfectly combines the delicate flavor of rice with notes of cream and a subtle touch of sweetness.

High quality ingredients: This liqueur is made using top quality ingredients, carefully selected to guarantee a product of excellent quality and unparalleled flavor.

Traditional production process: Swan brand cream of rice is produced following traditional production methods, which guarantees authenticity and respect for the original recipe.

Alcohol Content: Swan Brand Cream of Rice Liqueur has a moderate alcohol content, making it an ideal choice to enjoy on special occasions, alone or as part of delicious cocktails and desserts.


Swan Brand Rice Cream Liqueur is presented in an elegant, high quality glass bottle, designed to highlight the beauty and sophistication of the product. The bottle has an airtight cap that ensures the freshness and quality of the liqueur.


This liqueur is perfect to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as a main ingredient in cocktails and desserts. Its creamy and sweet flavor makes it an excellent complement for a wide variety of gastronomic creations.


Alcohol consumption should be moderate and responsible. Its consumption is not recommended for minors or pregnant women.

Enjoy the exquisite Swan Cream of Rice Liqueur and let yourself be seduced by its unique and smooth taste!