Serrano Ham from Teruel
  • Jambon Serrano de Teruel
  • Serrano Ham from Teruel

Serrano Ham from Teruel

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Serrano Ham from Teruel 250 gr



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Serrano Ham from Teruel Marca Alto Mijares

Product Type: Sliced Serrano Ham

Brand: Alto Mijares

Origin: Teruel, Spain

Weight: 500 grams

Description: Enjoy the exquisite taste and quality of the authentic Serrano ham from Teruel, produced by the renowned brand Alto Mijares. This tray contains 500 grams of sliced Serrano ham, ready to consume and delight your senses.


High quality Serrano ham from Teruel.

Produced under traditional curing standards.

Sliced in thin and delicious slices for greater convenience.

Intense and balanced flavor with a salty touch characteristic of Serrano ham.

Soft and juicy texture that melts in the mouth.

Presented in a 500 gram tray, ideal for sharing or enjoying on different occasions.

Storage instructions:

Keep refrigerated between 4°C and 8°C.

Keep in its original packaging and protected from direct contact with light and air.

Expiration date: Check product label for specific expiration date.

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