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Bellota ham Iberian

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The Iberian acorn-fed ham

from the Sierra de Extremadura is a delicacy of Spanish gastronomy recognized throughout the world. The quality of these hams is due to a combination of factors such as the Iberian breed of pigs, their feeding with acorns and herbs from the pastures and the curing process in the Sierra de Extremadura.

The Iberian breed is one of the keys to the quality of acorn-fed hams. These pigs are raised in freedom in the dehesa, a unique ecosystem in the world that combines holm oak and cork forests with natural pastures. The feeding of the pigs in the dehesa is fundamental for the flavor and texture of the hams. During the montanera period, which runs from October to February, the pigs feed exclusively on acorns, which provide them with healthy fats and an incomparable flavor.

In addition to acorns, the Iberian pigs of the Sierra de Villuerca also feed on grasses and roots found in the pastures. This natural diet allows them to have a balanced and healthy diet, which is reflected in the quality of the meat of the hams.

The curing process in the Sierra de Extremadura is another key factor in the quality of the hams. The Sierra de Villuerca is located in the region of La Jara, in the province of Cáceres, Extremadura. This area is ideal for curing hams due to its dry and cold climate, which allows for a slow and natural drying and curing process.

The curing process can last from 24 to 36 months, depending on the size of the ham and the quality of the raw material. During this period, the hams lose water and the flavors and aromas become concentrated. The result is an acorn-fed Iberian ham from Sierra de Extremadura with a firm but juicy texture, intense and aromatic flavor and a characteristic reddish color.

In short, Sierra de Extremadura Iberian Hams are high quality products with a unique flavor. Their artisanal elaboration, combined with the natural feeding and curing in the Sierra de Villuerca, makes these hams a genuine delight for lovers of Spanish gastronomy.

If you want to taste these hams, be sure to look for reliable suppliers who guarantee the quality and origin of the products. Enjoy the experience of tasting an authentic Iberian ham

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