Jambon Iberico 5 Bellotas le rois des jambon
  • Jambon Iberico 5 Bellotas le rois des jambon
  • Jambon Iberico 5 Bellotas le rois des jambon

Bellota ham

Bellota ham of Iberian breed weight 7 kg Direct shipment Producer 


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Best Bellota Pork Negro Iberian Pork Ham
Winner of numerous competitions this Iberico Bellota Ham (*****) 5 Bellotas, Origin Montanchez, it is the top

We must warn you once you have tasted this ham, it becomes very difficult to eat another!

This is without a doubt the best at the moment!

The Ibérico bellota ham is an exquisite product, crafted with ham of pork to satisfy the most demanding, by its dilicate flavor and its intense aroma Characteristic of Ham of pigs of race Ibérica Pure de montanera 100% which means pupils In the middle of nature and fed with acorns, which makes less accumulation of external fat and a parsley and melting pulpit. Approximate weight: 7.00 kg to 7.300 kg Ripening time: 36 months Ham Wholemeal Delivery time: 7 days

This ham is truly of the top of the range, starred restaurants have currently listed it on their map.

The preparation of the pata negra

The selected pigs, the hams are salted quickly and then dried. The completely artisanal process begins in winter or early spring. During the autumn, the hams are stored in a natural cellar where they develop their palette of full taste during the process of maturation. The typical characteristics of the Iberian pig meat make it possible to dry the hams much longer. For the lighter hams, a period of 15 months is envisaged, but generally the hams have been refined from 24 to 36 months.

The finished product is a delicious and very healthy ham. Pata negra iberico de bellota includes a high percentage of mono- and poly-unsaturated acids (as for example olive oil). The ham shows, when cut, a marble structure. Pata negra can be eaten purely, but may also be accompanied by some toppings (which should not dominate its taste). If one day at the restaurant you have the opportunity, try the pata negra. An absolute must!

weight :  7 kg

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